Easter Eggs by Roberto Cavalli

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For all fashion lovers with a sweet tooth! Have a look at ROBERTO CAVALLI’s Easter Eggs, that are available at the Caffè Giacosa in Florence, Italy, and online at www.caffegiacosa.it. The Italian designer has created those special treats in his iconic animal designs. It is up to you if you prefer giraffe or zebra eggs. Each one, is made of high-quality cocoa beans and contains a surprise by Roberto Cavalli.

Caffè Giacosa, Via della Spada 10, Firenze, Italia. Tel. +39 055 2776328 


If you have fallen in love with designer chocolates, there is more for you all year around. Roberto Cavalli adds another string to his bow with sumptuous chocolates rounding off the brand’s covetable lifestyle offering. Featuring six tiers of mouth-watering pralines in milk, white and dark chocolate, this 150-piece selection is housed in a striking zebra print box – an instant moniker of the house of Cavalli.

Cavalli Chocolates


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Photos: Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli – Luxury on the Rocks

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For the fashion-conscious vodka-lovers out there, here is your new fashionable drink: ROBERTO CAVALLI VODKA.

Roberto Cavalli says about the tasty addition to his universe on his blog“In life it takes imagination! I believe I have it!
 I do not remember if I told you what it was that prompted me to create the ROBERTO CAVALLI VODKA. I go clubbing… I notice that vodka is the most popular drink… smooth… or with some juice… the most fashionable vodka is French… French…? Why not Italian…? I design the Cavalli style bottle and my son Tommaso selects the best distillery… that’s how the first Italian Vodka is born!”

A few days ago, I created a special cocktail… I can say I am not fond of high volume alcohol drinks… but I really like my cocktail… maybe too much! I get into a nasty habit of making one before bed… l put the glass near the bed and I enjoy it ‘til the last delicious drop! It helps me fall asleep… gently! Try it and let me know how you like it…”

Here is the recipe:


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If you are in Florence, I recommend a visit to Caffè Giacosa, one of the city’s most famous cafés. After a painstaking restoration faithful to the original structures, Roberto Cavalli, a born Florentine bound to tradition, reopened this lovely spot. There you can enjoy and shop chocolate, pastries, wines and spirits, all embellished with the iconic Cavalli logo and animal prints.

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IMG_0917Photos: Courtesy of Roberto Cavalli and © Sandra Bauknecht