Last week, I spent some amazing days with Louis Vuitton in Munich for the opening of the gigantic new Maison that I will show you during the next days. Many celebrities from all over the world had flown in to attend the fun event. But there was a project I was even more excited about… Louis Vuitton asked me to be in a photo shoot for the ART OF PACKING.


In my beautiful hotel room at the Charles Hotel, Ward, the in-house packing expert, explained me enthusiastically how packing efficiently could well be considered an art and gave me some tips which were funnily enough very similiar to my ‘method’. As I am very particular about my clothes and accessories, I have realized that I already master the art of packing pretty well given also the amount of travel I’ve been going through since I have started my blog.

So enjoy this step-by-step guide to filling a suitcase or travel bag. In my case, it is the Pégase 45 by Louis Vuitton, the best companion for a 24-hours trip that has the perfect size to take it on board of an aircraft.


In order to maximize space in your luggage and to minimize creasing of your clothes, preparation is the key. It is very important to keep the global picture and that starts already with the right type of suitcase or travel bag for your occasion.


1. Lay out all the items you would like to pack. Like this, you  will see what works well together and won’t take too much. Here you see all my looks. Isn’t it hard to believe that all of those will fit in my little Pégase?!





2. Optimize weight. Instead of taking heavy shoe trees, stuff your heels with wrapping tissue.


3. To protect your pieces, use separate felt bags for your shoes and accessories.



4. Don’t forget to do the same with your jewelry in order to protect it from scratching.


5. A smart way of packing is to use the empty space inside your bags or shoes for example and fill it with your small items. You could also roll up your belts to fit them in.


6. To avoid creasing, it is indispensable to understand the nature of the fabrics of your clothes. For example, roll the uncomplicated materials such as denim or cashmere scarfs into tight, compact spirals to maximize suitcase space.


7. Fold the clothes carefully and use wrapping paper for items that are delicate such as this embroidered top.




8. Once you have all your items rolled or wrapped, you can get started to put them in your luggage. It is very important to put all the heavy ones in first.








9. Another great way to minimize creasing of your delicate pieces is to stuff them with other clothes as I did here.



10. The Pégase has two flaps to secure your clothes from moving up and down which is great. Can you imagine that everything that was laying on the bed fit in?!


And there was still space to put the leopard print trenchcoat with its collar raised on top as the sun was shining.


Without having to push or squeeze it, I closed my Pégase 45.



And I have to admit that after having finished packing, I am usually pretty happy. Now, off to the airport! The next adventure is waiting…

My look: Cashmere top with Stephen Sprouse leopard print, dark blue leather pants, Noé BB bag in citron, bi-colour pumps, necklace and ring, all by Louis Vuitton.

LoL, Sandra

Sandra's_Closet_JS-080Photos: © Jamie McGregor Smith for Louis Vuitton