Navyboot MSOne

Logo MSoneThe countdown is on. Available exclusively via starting on the 17th of April 2011 at midnight CET is a collabration of superlatives. Top Formula 1 racing driver Michael Schumacher and Navyboot Creative Director Adrian J. Margelist have joined forces to devise and develop four luxury sneakers for men that set new footwear benchmarks in their materials, style and design.

18-carat gold, water snakeskin leather and polished crystals: welcome to Navyboot’s limited “MSone” luxury sneaker collection.

To put it in Formula 1 terms: these shoes are right on the pace!

NAVYBOOT2011 / MS-ONE   3er/ afternoon/ night/ morning

MSone triology: Afternoon/ Night/ Morning

NAVYBOOT 2011  /  MS ONE  morningEach of the new models boasts outstanding material quality, with the leathers used extending from nappa calfskin to salmon, water snakeskin, pearly ostrich leg and karung, all combined with polished crystals and 18-carat-gold adornments. Sneakers have never shone in such exclusive materials before.

The whole upper of the new sneakers features clean and stylish lines. One unmistakable detail, however, is the hand-stitching around the tongue. Most of the lacing is concealed. The design of the sole combines the key elements in this limited collection: the Navyboot trademark artichoke, Michael Schumacher’s initials and seven stars representing his seven world championship titles. The metal colour of the stars embodies the car industry, and is applied by hand. MSone sneakers are a masterpiece of handcraft right down to the finest details!

MSone Starboot

The highlight is definitely the Starboot, the absolute eyecatcher in the new MSone collection. A high-top shoe made completely from red-dyed karung, the leather of the water snake. Seven 18-carat gold stars adorn its heel, while even the lacehooks have been lovingly handcrafted in 18-carat gold.

MSone Starboot

MSone Starboot

NAVYBOOT2011 / MS-ONE   3er Box

A Collector’s Box with the full new MSone trilogy is also being produced, in a limited edition of 888. Each box will feature its own metal plate stamped with the box’s serial number. EUR 3 000, sizes available: 39-45


The Starboot Collector’s Box is limited to just 88. Here, too, each box will have a metal plate showing the box’s serial number. EUR 5 000, sizes available 39-45

Every Collector’s Box comes with a Certificate of Authenticity in the form of a book specially created for the project. Its cover will be signed by Adrian J. Margelist for the Triology Collector’s Box, while that of the Starboot Collector’s Box will bear Michael Schumacher’s personal signature.

The new Navyboot MSone sneaker collection will be launched at a major event in Shanghai on the 16th of April, with Michael Schumacher and Adrian J. Margelist in attendance and be part of Formula 1’s 2011 Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

LoL, Sandra