Lorenzo Villoresi presented his latest fragrance MARE NOSTRUM AURA MARIS during Pitti Fragranze in Florence.

Mare Nostrum is the ancient name of the Mediterranean sea, a theme that the Florentine perfumer has always loved, rich of cultural, historical, mythological, environmental suggestions. Such a variety of different worlds and precious visions cannot be contained in only one fragrance.

This is why he is launching today the first fragrance of the Mare Nostrum collection, Aura Maris, the sea breeze. This fresh and gentle scent will be followed by other creations inspired by the many visions and sensations of the Mare Nostrum concept.

Aura Maris

Crossed by sweet currents, caressed by the breath of soft breezes and countless changing perfumes. Mighty, generous sea, the scene of exciting visions that cannot be told, salvation and danger alike for men and for heroes. There, skimming the crest of the waves, Poseidon rides his chariot drawn by golden-maned horses. In the deepest seas fair Nereides live, their long locks wafting in the foamy waters, to the sound of the salty surf.

The sea breeze gently brushing the ocean waves, bearing happy tidings of the summer sun, with the aromas from the Mediterranean shrubs. The tingling fragrance of the salty foam, the sunlit reflections of citrus fruits the lightest touch of meadow flowers and the golden rays of the sun on a glimmering sea.

Top notes: Fresh, green, citrus with Bergamot notes, Mandarin and soft floral fruity touches.
Middle notes: Fresh, floral with aromatic woods nuances, Narcissus, Patchouli, Jasmine.
Base notes: Fresh citrus floral, with soft ambery, musky and woody touches.

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LoL, Sandra