L'Air du temps Revisited

«L’Air du Temps is blue, as blue as the sky and the sea thus evoking infinity and freedom.»
Olivia Putman.


Designer and heiress to the Putman style, Olivia Putman brought a breath of fresh to the Ricci label, reworking the bottle of the house’s celebrated perfume L’Air du Temps for a unique and limited edition 2013 with her certain Parisian chic.

L’AIR DU TEMPS by Nina Ricci – A classic revisited

Nina Ricci Putman 3

A tribute to flowers. Since its creation, this vibrant and sumptuous bunch of flowers – the first spicy floral in the history of perfumerie – has been jealoulsy protected and remained unchanged.

Nina Ricci Putman 4

A fragrance that goes from mothers to daughters, from girls to women, L’Air du Temps is a joy that is inherited, an object that is shared, a trail that is transmitted.

Nina Ricci Putman 5

A determinedly free creation from its very start, in 1948. New and bold alchemy of natural materials and synthetic products, invented in the elation of the post-war period, L’Air du Temps is an ode to new found joy, peace and victorious freedom.

Nina Ricci Putman 2

A pure and radiant fragrance that has all the seductive and bewitching assets of femininity.



Top notes: Peach, carnation, neroli, bergamot, rose and palisander rosewood
Middle notes: Rosemary, carnation, gardenia, violet, orchid, cloves, orris, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose
Base notes: Spices, iris, amber, sandalwood, musk, benzoin, moss, vetiver and cedar

The limited edition L’AIR DU TEMPS par Olivia Putman is available as Eau de Toilette for CHF 129.00 (100ml).

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Nina Ricci