La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night

Turn back the clock overnight.
La Prairie‘s scientists have combined the breakthrough brilliance of Cellular Power Infusion with time-released Retinol the most effective de-aging ingredient – and a revitalizing boost of Oxygen to balance and resurface your skin each night.

Why night?
Cellular Power Charge Night takes advantage of your skins natural resting state to perform necessary recovery functions. Wrinkles are repaired, signs of aging are erased, cell turnover is accelerated and oxygen is boosted – all which means you will wake up to younger looking skin.

I have tried this product for three months now and I find it absolutely fantastic. 
Use it every night, after cleansing, on clean skin, with no other product between the skin and the formula. Depress the top of the pump once or twice to dispense both cream and gel, in equal amounts, to the back of the hand.  Mix together with fingertips and apply to face and neck. Smooth any remaining residue over back of hands. Use one or two pumps. Moisturizer may be applied over it, if desired. Available for CHF 544.00 (40ml/ 1.35 FL OZ.)

Thanks to La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night, you’ll never have to look your age again!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of La Prairie