My avid followers know that I love LA MER products and that I have worked with the brand on several occasions as their ambassador. Last September for example I invited my girlfriends for an exclusive LA MER dinner at my house and in November I hosted an event at Jelmoli for my dear readers.

Originally developed by scientist Max Huber to treat burns sustained after a lab accident, LA MER’s unique blend of transformative biofermented sea kelp has seen the moisturizer achieve cult beauty status. The formulation is now found across the brand’s skincare range to target and transform specific areas. What I love most about LA MER products is the fact that I don’t need to worry about the right age group or skin condition, the only thing I need to choose is the texture depending on my personal needs. Everything from this nutrient-rich line rejuvenates the complexion and alleviates the natural effects of aging by smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.

Sometimes I look at my bathroom shelf and think it looks like a LA MER beauty counter! Besides the famous moisturizer, they are many different additions to choose from, from serums to masks, from eye care to cleansers. Furthermore, there is a miracle product that I would like to introduce you today: the LA MER CONCENTRATE. Luxury products like these are definitely an investment but I find a little goes a long way and personally my skin is something I invest in.

The LA MER CONCENTRATE has become a must-have accessory for me.

This lightweight elixir restores a vibrant and healthy complexion, and delivers effective results with the smallest amount of product. Besides this, there are two reasons why I am truly convinced:

  1. I love to take care of my skin day-to-day at home or while traveling. Especially the part under my eye or around my nostrils tends to get easily irritated while I am in a plane or switch from one climate zone to the other. The LA MER CONCENTRATE soothes visible irritation and redness as it helps strengthen and restore fragile skin, leaving it look deeply revitalized. I always carry it with me and even use it around the eyes and over make-up.

The LA MER CONCENTRATE joins me on every trip I do.

2. I love its healing effect. The LA MER CONCENTRATE is one of the brand’s most loved formulas. Blended with a high dilution of its signature Miracle Broth™, it helps to stimulate your skin’s natural renewal process. I used it for 24 months on this ugly scar on my hand and it almost disappeared.

The application is easy, just use the doe-foot applicator to administer just a touch in the morning or evening or if needed.

As a big fan, I have a little surprise for my Swiss followers. If you spent more than CHF 150, you will receive a LA MER Pouch with a Deluxe Soft Cream 7ml (CHF 45.00) and a Deluxe Cleansing Foam 30ml (CHF 30.00) with the promo code: sandralamer. Offer valid until March 31st, 2019.


LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht