Guerlain_Bottle_MOn Exclusif

It is one of those days when you are working like crazy and the door bell rings. Yes, mail can be a welcome distraction. Especially when it comes from the House of Guerlain, sending their newest scent, which (big surprise) you can name yourself.

Mon Exclusif Guerlain

Guerlain Mon Exclusif, as it is called in the absence of a real name, leaves room for the creativity of its lovers. You are invited to apply metallic lettering on the bottle or have it engraved directly with a unique name.


Created by Thierry Wasser, this oriental scent comes with fougère accords of fresh fern, lavender, soft sandalwood, caramel, salted butter, toffee, mandarine, iris and vanilla. It is absolutely delicious.

Guerlain_Sandra_Mon Exclusif

It is available at a price of CHF 170.00 (Eau de Parfum concentration) from September 1, 2015. In Switzerland at Bon Genie Geneva, Manor Geneva and Jelmoli Zurich.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht and via Guerlain