DIY Colourful Earrings and Necklaces

Would you like to have a beautiful, but easy pair of DIY earrings? Or a fun necklace handmade? I have got a fantastic idea for you, enjoy this little tutorial that will be the perfect afternoon entertainment for you and your children. And no jewelry skills are needed to make these beauties.


All you need are some fun pearls, beads, hangers that come with a hole. A great arts and craft set is Pretty Girl by Faber-Castel. Then, look for some hoop earrings (can be found best at H&M) preferably not too thick to be able to string your decorations easily. For the necklace, I recommend an invisible thread.

DIY 10

Customize your fashion jewelry with your favorite colors. Show off how stunning your self-made earrings are with your hair pulled up in a bun or pony tail. My daughter loved this fun project!

LoL, Sandra



Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht