In January 2013, CHANEL opened at Hysan Place, the new luxury temple located at the centre of the island, its largest boutique in Hong Kong. To celebrate the event, CHANEL presents the exclusive limited edition HONG KONG COLLECTION. The uniquely modern elegance and glittering beauty of the Chinese metropole inspire a luminous colour palette. Exclusive creations for eyes and nails are infused with a metallic glow, evoking the lights of the city as they reflect in the waters of the China Sea.

Chanel Hong Kong eyes

The elegant rectangular case reveals an original combination of five shadows embossed with the iconic quilted motif of CHANEL. Like the shimmering light on water, the PEARL RIVER palette offers a harmony of golden white, a vintage gold nuance and intense peach for a soft, radiant effect on eyelids. Ideal for sculpting the eyes in a natural or more sophisticated makeup look, intense brown is paired with a very luminous silver white shade that makes eyes look bigger and illuminates the entire face.


Two contrasting nail colours echo the extremes of the eye palette. Elegant and modern EASTERN LIGHT is a luminous, very opaque white enamel. Deep and intense WESTERN LIGHT is a chocolate brown glowing with a pearly red heart.

Like a city combining multiple influences, the two nail colours can be worn together for an original effect. To reinterpret the elegance of a French manicure, apply the light colour to the bottom edge of the nail and apply the dark colour from the centre to the tip of the nail.


Great news for my Swiss readers, the collection is now available exclusively in Switzerland at Jelmoli in Zurich.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Chanel