Arlène Bonnant

Arlène Bonnant

Caspita is an exclamation of a thousand colours, a name chosen by Arlène Bonnant to launch her line of fine jewelry. Caspita expresses admiration, joy, surprise – literally “my goodness” in Italian. This spirited word came to the designer while reminiscing about her grandfather, who often used this expression of surprise in her presence. The word created a bond between them, in much the same way as a jewel can unite two people.

I like Caspita’s approach of seeing jewelry as something so special, so emotional that it can touch your soul.

For Arlène, her creations are designed to develop a certain spiritual balance – there is a harmony and beauty nourishing every level of being, from its inner strength to its exterior radiance.


My favourite is the Chakra collection that has taken shape around the seven main chakras, stemming from Indian spirituality and designating seven centres of energy in the shape of lotus flowers, each one a different colour. Each chakra represents a world in itself, a sensibility, a colour, an emotion, and a deity…
The choice of one chakra over another is not inconsequential; it is purely a matter of intuition and mystery.

For a closer look on the amazing jewelry, I would like to invite you to view this short movie “Metamorphosis I” filmed in the famous hotel Le Meurice in Paris featuring Caspita’s muse French actress Carole Bouquet and her eternal grace and beauty.

A special treat for my Zurich based readers:

Caspita Haute Joaillerie is delighted to welcome you to discover their collection of jewelry created by Arlène Bonnant at an exclusive private viewing and sale for the first time in Zurich, on Monday, the 12th of December 2011, between 11am – 8pm at Park Hyatt Private Dining Room of the « Parkhuus » Beethovenstrasse 2, 8002 Zurich.

For further information, please kindly contact Mrs Nina Arnold-Shah via e-mail or phone +41 79 768 3723.

LoL, Sandra

Photos and movie: Courtesy of Caspita