For his S/S 2012 fashion show, Giorgio Armani, the king of nonchalant elegance, borrows the luminous magic of Southern Italian summer nights, “when the last rays of the sun shine a myriad of new shades upon the water, when the blue sky turns to night tinged with green, petrol blue and bluish gray hues flushed with violet, when darkness sweeps over the scenery metallic glints silver tones, pale gold and pink copper tints sparkle and when stars seem to float upon the water.”

Armani Models 2

Mother-of-pearl (NACRE) gives its name and forms the central theme. With his new Haute Couture Fragrance NACRE, Giorgio Armani accompanies his prêt-à-porter collection with a rare, highly limited and very luxurious fragrance.


It is an ode to mother-of-pearl which signs each of the 1000 numbered bottles in this edition with a plate bearing its name. No two plates are the same: each is unique, in tribute to the living character of a material born from the depth of the sea. The bottle itself is a piece of art.

The fragrance was developed by perfumer Marie Salamagne, at Firmenich. It has a really spicy woody smell to it, with a strong amount of iris. It’s unisex and definitely something everyone could wear! The iris chosen for Nacre has a very rare quality, combining the rich, creamy facet of iris, with a powdery, almost talc-like note.

Top notes: Bergamot, pink pepper and saffron
Middle notes: Iris absolute and musk
Base notes: Patchouli, vetiver woods and tonka bean

130 bottles of the 1000 limited editions are available in Switzerland now for CHF 690.- (100ml). In Zurich at Jelmoli. Definitely a collector’s piece.

LoL, Sandra

What you wearPhotos: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani, © Sandra Bauknecht