Today, I would like to introduce you to an eye makeup collection that is easy to apply. Do you like smokey eyes, natural or dramatic, but don’t know how to get the look?
Clarins gives you the answer with their new products that are truly amazing.


The eye shadows play on colour for a variety of looks. The formula can be used dry for a natural result or wet for an intense, sophisticated touch. The extremely supple texture provides perfect hold all day long.

Ombre Minérale 4 Couleurs comes in six colour combinations., CHF 62 each.


Each variation comprises two satin shades, a darker eye shadow liner and an iridescent highlighter to mix and match to suit you.


How to apply the eye shadows:


Step 1: Make-up

Apply shade 1 on one half of the top eyelid, up to the inner corner of the eye, then shade 2 on the other half, up to the outer corner of the eye.


Step 2: Intensify

Using the finer applicator, accentuate eyes with the shadow liner 3.


Step 3: Illuminate

Apply the highlighter 4 in touches on the brow bone.

The final step is the mascara. Clarins has invented a cutting-edge technology which makes applying mascara simple: The Instant Definition Mascara.

p7The new high-tech double brush was inspired by the way classic mascara is applied. The brush lengthens and separates every lash, including short ones, for a spectacular „wide angle“ result.

The new mascara comes in three different colours, CHF 41 each.



Here is the easy technique in 2 steps:


Step 1: Apply make-up to lashes

Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes, from root to tip, with the fibre brush. The creamy texture allows you to customize the volumizing effect as you apply, to create the look you want.


Step 2: Define the eyes

With the elastomer brush, apply mascara to the smallest lashes at the inner and outer corner of eyes, top and bottom. Groom and separate lashes one by one and optimize the distribution of mascara.

Have fun accentuating your eyes!

LoL, Sandra