Little Dreams Foundation 2

It is Christmas time and the best gift of all comes from the heart. Therefore I would like to introduce you the Little Dreams Foundation that was created in February 2000 by jewelry designer Orianne and her husband at that time, famous singer Phil Collins. Although that the couple is not together anymore, they share their passion for this wonderful project.

Recently, I had the pleasure to meet them in Zurich and talk a little about the idea behind the Little Dreams Foundation.

IMG_5632Phil Collins framed by Orianne Collins to the right and me to the left

The project’s mission is to fulfil the dreams of young talents, with and without disabilities, in sport and the arts. The Foundation is structured around 13 Worlds of Dreams (The world of music, the world of dance and figure skating, the world of entertainment, the world of circus, the world of ball sports, the world of wheel, the world of mountains, the world of exploring, the world of athletics, the world of martial arts, the world of horse rididng, the world of water sports and the world of art and literature).

In each of these worlds, Little Dreams strives to provide young hopefuls training and a personalised program. This is in order to give them the means to realise their dreams and maybe even enable them to make a career out of their passions. Think about all those children who grow up in not so privileged circumstances, having an amazing talent that lies waste because the family has no money to nurture it. This is when the Little Dreams Foundation steps in. Another section is a program called NO DIFFERENCE that aims to support talented young people with physical or mental disabilities.

For more information, I would like to invite you to visit the homepage by clicking here.


If you liked to offer your support, the Little Dreams Foundation would be happy to accept a donation. A big thank you in advance for your generosity!

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Place de Cornavin 12
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Fondation Little Dreams
Compte N° 240-115651.04M
IBAN: CH78 0024 0240 1156 5104 M

With this in mind, I would like to quote one of Phil Collins’s famous lyrics:
„Oh, think twice, `cause it’s just another day for you and me in paradise…“.

Giving feels great and never forget, what goes around, comes around!
Merry Christmas!

LoL, Sandra