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My dear colleague Thorleif Griess-Nega, Editor for German InStyle MEN, had a fun idea and launched his own sparkling wine brand recently. The intention to create Chímpanskí was to design a drink for people who have enough of show-off drinks from France but don’t want to compromise in terms of quality and style. Find out more and enjoy the interview he gave me.

ThorleifThorleif Griess-Nega

Since when exists Chímpanskí?

I founded Chímpanskí in 2013 after more than one year of research for the right wine cellar. This sparkling wine now comes from Lower Austria and is a mixture of Grüner-Veltliner and Welschriesling. It also took quite a long time to finish the label for the bottle since I had a very definite idea of it’s visual appearance in my mind. After all I´m very happy about the result!

Why did you do it?

The idea was to create a sparkling wine with an image that people can identify with who take themselves not too serious. I worked in German Nightlife business for a long time before, owned and worked for clubs in Hamburg, Bonn and Munich. And I always loved to travel a lot, met colleagues at their bars and clubs all over the world. Throughout all these years I saw a lot. But one thing always seemed to stay the same: Countless people who were buying expensive sparkling wines from France. Somehow I never got used to it but recognized more and more how much that showing-off bothered me.

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Isn’t a bit of showing-off quite appropriate for nightlife?

It is but has to come from your inside not from the cost for your drink. I don’t like that thought and people behaving like that! Why should one drink expensive stuff just to separate from others who don’t? When I am out partying I don’t measure my fun at the price of a drink. A drink must stand for simplicity, fun, character. Beside the history and quality of a product I believe in the idea behind as its true value. So I decided to create a drink of good quality and a cool image!


Where comes the name Chímpanskí from?

My friends and me used to call ourselves: „chimpanzees“. I think it was because these animals are so sympathic, funny and free (at least they are intended to be)!  Thats why I invented the label Chímpanskí and the slogan: „Support your inner monkey“. I think nightlife shall be all fun, relaxation and letting yourself go!

You say „at least they are intended to be“. What do you mean by that?

I hate reading about how much humanity and economy harm chimpanzees and their haunt. Many of these animals are treated badly for so-called human interests. So I started a little cooporation with the „Pro Wildlife Foundation“ and first linked the Chímpanskí website to theirs to share some publicity and awareness. Beside that I have my own sponsoring via PWF for chimpanzees.

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Drink for less, we love! To order, please click here.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Chímpanskí