Hermès Table 4

“Cream-coloured with sepia brown engravings, this faience is enchanting. This malleable material can take on the shapes of your wildest dreams to tell the story of a magical stroll through foliage enamelled with surprises.”

Hermès Table1

I recently came across this set of rustic chic tableware that will transform every table into a storybook fairytale and no cottage style kitchen required.

“Les Maison Enchantées” by Hermès is a 21-piece cream-faience service from landscape architect Francois Houtin in collaboration with the renowned retailer.  All woodland scenes are hand-applied to the china.

For further information, please visit Hermès.com or the Hermès boutique nearest to you.

LoL, Sandra

Hermès table 3

Hermès Table 2Photos: Courtesy of Hermès