Rouge Coco

CIMG5020Chanel`s new lipstick Rouge Coco is based on Gabrielle Chanel`s first lipstick designs in the Fifties. It is replacing the exisiting Rouge Hydrabase and comes in 30 shades, each named after an influential time in Coco`s life like “Camelia” (a deep rose), “Paris” (a bright red) or my favourite colour Mademoiselle (a soft pink). I combine it with the lip pencil “Tulip” for a lighter look during the day and with the deeper tone “Griotte” for a nice pout at night. You can see the new bestselling shade in action on Vanessa Paradis who is the face of the campaign.

Peter Philipps (Chanel`s art director of make-up) made an interesting point as he has intended to bring the lipstick back into the lipgloss generation`s life. I am very happy with the new formula that provides softness along with the right amount of colour.

CIMG4992What I totally adore that you get a Chanel button with each lipstick`s purchase. You can collect or combine them with others. Pinned on a denim jacket, sweater or like I did on a black little bag, you have a trendy Eighties look with almost no money.


For my Zurich based readers, Jelmoli has some nice ones left. Hurry up!

LoL, Sandra