When I was in the beginning of my 20s, I was dying to own a Piaget Possession ring. Luckily enough, my parents gifted me with one that I still treasure. You might imagine my excitement when the house of PIAGET approached me as their Swiss ambassador to be part of their social media campaign for the launch of the NEW possession jewelry collection.

We shot the visuals as well as the video that you can see below Mid March 2015 in Paris. 25 years after its first launch, Piaget is expanding its iconic line in honour of the third millennium.


But what is so special about this line? It’s a ring inside a ring, a second rotating band with which to play. “Turn, turn and captivate the world with a simple movement…” one little touch is enough.


It’s a symbol of power and of the choices we as women make for ourselves to take on the world.
I love the campaign’s slogan: “Turn, and the world is yours.” Imagine that with each stroke you can start over again. Isn’t that imagination magical and wearing it around your finger gives you the partner in crime to remind you of that fact every day.

Chabi Nouri, Director of Jewlery Marketing, Communications, and Brand Equity, mentioned to me once that turning the ring is for her “an addictive gesture.” She explained it: “Sometimes I stroke it gently with my thumb to help me think, and to refocus on what is really important.” I adore her approach. My ring can be like a piece of peace in this ultra-fast-paced contemporary world we are living in, a little companion to help reflect and think.


The new collection offers many different varieties to choose from. The choice is yours.
And here is the final video:

A huge thank you to the whole team of Studio Daylight for this amazing shoot!


A really great experience was to meet Jessica Chastain again, the new international ambassador for Piaget, who shot the advertising campaign in Paris the same day in the same studio right before me.

LoL, Sandra


Photos and Videos: Courtesy of Piaget
© Sandra Bauknecht
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