Les Fauves de YSL

Today, I would like to introduce you to Yves Saint Laurent’s newest nail polishes duos Les Manucure Couture Les Fauves that are available now in four different combinations, only in selected department stores for CHF49 each.

Duo N° 1 – Griffe Dorée – Gold and Black Shatter

Duo N° 2 – Griffe d’Argent – Silver and Black Shatter (on my nails below)

Duo N° 3 – Griffe de Sable –  Beige and Black Shatter

Duo N° 4 – Griffe de Jade – Khaki and Black Shatter

Les Fauves 2

What looks like you just stepped out of a nail salon is actually quite easy to apply yourself and it is a lot a fun watching the effect happen. So how does it work exactly? Shatter polish is a special top coat applied over your regular nail colour that gives a “crackled” effect on the finish. As the shatter coat is matte, you can apply a topcoat for a high gloss finish if desired.

OPI was among the first ones to introduce the shatter polishes. Below you can see some of my favourite combinations.

LoL, Sandra


OPI Spark de Triomphe (gold) with OPI White Shatter on top


NARS Ecume (white) with OPI Blue Shatter on top