We live in times where micro trends play an important role thanks to a constantly changing algorithm-influenced universe. So it feels almost like a miracle when so many designers’ visions align to deliver us a wide-ranging group of trends for the season. Enjoy the act of accessorizing this S/S 2023 season!

LoL, Sandra

We all know that gloves are a cold weather wardrobe stable, which is a shame because they really work magic for immediately making any outfit just a little bit more wonderful. The black mesh or lace opera glove is still an eveningwear standard, but for spring, designers pushed it a bit further with ruffles, embellishments and net details.

Physically blooming from tops, skirts and dresses, florals show up as 3-D appliqués this season.

What comes up must come down, so it’s only logical that, after seeing belts get tinier and tinier, the pendulum would swing the other way.

Punk is not dead, the choker is back!

These frames with an ’80s vibe are edgy, cool, and perfect for unexpected styling combinations.

Big hats will protect you not only from the elements but also deliver stylish privacy.

Body jewelry is elevating the body to a walking canvas.

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands
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