The Louis Vuitton initials become the emblem of a new culture of LVERS: a state of mind founded in warmth, wellbeing, and welcome-ness.

Employed in graphics and embellishments, the marque represents a culture of a diverse global community connected by a like-minded appreciation for the core values of the Maison: the discernment, the savoir-faire, and the curation of its iconographic elements. The sentiment fuels an attention to detail from the macro level of the techniques and materials of garments and accessories to the micro level of buttons, rivets and zips; each component treated with the same amount of love.

The LVERS emblem likewise nods at the slogan of Pharrell Williams’ home state: «Virginia is for lovers.» Revived from the archives, a Marque L. Vuitton Déposée logo appears throughout the collection.

The collection will be in store starting January 4th.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Louis Vuitton
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