Based in Monaco, in the vivid and inspiring light of the French Riviera, Lancaster‘s laboratories are continuously mastering the science of light and its interaction with the skin, creating products for sensual pleasure and maintaining a healthy tan. The full-light technology, which targets 100% of the light spectrum (UVB + UVA + VISIBLE LIGHT + INFRARED), allows all women to enjoy the sun without risking skin damage. For over 70 years, Lancaster has been giving its customers a golden, radiant complexion and helping them every day to enhance their beauty.

Once again this year, you will be able to enjoy new launches, which LANCASTER has developed for you with the latest technologies. After having tried them, I can absolutely recommend those sun products.

Sun Sensitive Comforting Face Cream SPF 50+ – CHF 46.00 (50ml)
Sun 365 Bronzing Powder SPF 10 – CHF 47.00 (18g)
Sun Sensitive Compact Invisible Cream SPF 50 – CHF 36.00 (9g)
Sun Sensitive BB Cream SPF 50 – CHF 46.00 (50ml)

Lancaster Sunrise EDT – CHF 59.00 (100ml)
Sun Beauty Fast Tan Oil SPF 30 or 50 – CHF 51.00 (150ml)
Sun Sensitive Softening Body Milk SPF 30 or 50 – CHF 57.00 (125ml)
Sun 365 BB Body Cream SPF 15 – CHF 39.00 (125ml)
Sun Sensitive Tan Maximizer – CHF 55.00 (200ml)

In stores now.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Lancaster and © Sandra Bauknecht