Every day, our skin is subjected to the ill effects of the cold, wind, pollution, UV rays, stress, fatigue and unhealthy lifestyles. These aggressors weaken and disrupt the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms. As a consequence, fine dehydration lines appear, the skin feels tight, and it loses its plump, supple and radiant appearance. As optimal hydration is the key to keeping skin youthful, Sisley created HYDRA-GLOBALicon in 2007 to solve these problems. This hydrating anti-ageing product can restore the skin’s hydric balance while promoting the circulation of water within the epidermis to transport moisture deep down.

IN 2018, SISLEY’S RESEARCH IS GOING EVEN FURTHER BY CREATING HYDRA-GLOBAL SERUM Anti-Aging Hydration Booster – a «super-product» that boosts hydration and deeply quenches the thirstiest skin by helping it to restore itself by means of its natural hydration mechanisms. Hydra-Global Serum kick-starts intense and autonomous hydration by reteaching the skin how to take in water, circulate it through the different skin layers and retain it as much as possible.

1. Boosts water reserves
2. Promotes water circulation in the epidermis
3. Retains water at the skin’s surface – for longer.

Filled with water, the skin is more supple and more bouncy. The complexion is radiant and wrinkles are softened. Continuously moisturized, the skin is ready to withstand the hands of time and the gel-serum texture leaves a bare-skin sensation. Apply it morning and evening to face and neck as it perfectly complements the moisturizing action of all daily skin care products.

HYDRA-GLOBAL SERUM Anti-Aging Hydration Booster will be available from May 2, 2018 for CHF 247.00 (30ml).

Don’t forget, hydration is the first step in anti-ageing. As I am having very dry skin, I am totally in love with this new serum. After only a few days of having used it, I can see a big difference!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sisley Paris