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From wavy to frizzy, natural or permed, there are many kinds of curly hair. When it comes to caring for their curls, curly-haired women’s main concern is taming them without compromising their singular beauty. I know what I am talking about. My beloved daughter has the curliest hair ever!

Thank God! Kérastase launches DISCIPLINE CURL IDÉAL that has been carefully designed to provide a professional solution to all kinds of curly hair with the best possible hair treatment. The range, that is available now, is enriched with the revolutionary combination of Pro-Kératine and Elastin that strengthens curls, improves hair elasticity, smoothes hair and improves cohesion.


Shape-in-motion cleasing conditioner for unruly curly hair
Its highly sensorial and low foaming texture has been formulated specifically to gently cleanse and moisturize while enhancing the natural shape of curls. No silicone – No sulfate.
CHF 35.00


The 1st shape-in-motion masque, with Pro-Kératine & Elastin to control over voluminous and unruly curly hair. Its thick immersive texture will treat each fiber with care for a maximal volume reduction and frizz control of roots and lengths.
CHF 51.00


Definition and suppleness creme for unruly curly hair looking for relaxed and voluptuous curls.
The iconic leave-in crème offers a caring texture that leaves a soft and smooth hair touch.
CHF 36.00


This airy and caring mousse brings definition and bounce to all unruly curly hair looking for light and toned curls. Its smooth texture leaves a treated and light hair touch.
CHF 36.00


Kérastase has created an amazing BOOK OF CURLS which is free for download here.

For all those who want to celebrate the curly hair uniqueness, for all those who truly believe in their inspiring feminity, for all those who desire to enhance their curl beauty potential, for all those who live their curls in perfect harmony with who they really are and finally for all of you, comes a new curl era. Really amazing products that I experienced first hand on my daughter’s hair.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Kérastase