After a long hot day at the beach, you come back to your luxurious hotel room and get ready for the night. You get prepared for a romantic and elegant dinner during sunset. You skin is still warm and slightly tanned. You hear the sound of the ocean from far and smell the salt in the air.

Parfums M.Micallef and Perfumery Osswald have joined forces to create two exclusive fragrances, one for women and one for men, that are inspired by those precious holiday moments. A scent that delivers sun, elegance and relaxation at once.

osswald_micallef_Geoffrey Nejman


About Parfums M.Micallef

Parfums M.Micallef was founded in 1996 in Grasse by perfumer Geoffrey Nejman and Martine Micallef who is in charge for the extraordinary flacons. It has become one of the most renown niche perfume brands of the world.


AZURE CRYSTAL WOMAN (100ml, Eau de Parfum, CHF 289.00)
Top notes: Neroli, bergamot, mandarine
Middle notes: Plum, jasmine, monoï, coconut
Base notes: White musk, amber, vanilla

AZURE CRYSTAL MAN: (100ml, Eau de Parfum, CHF 289.00)
Top notes: Neroli, bergamot, red berries, lemon
Middle notes: Cinnamon, jasmine, tonka bean
Base notes: White musk, amber, vanilla, ceder, cashmere

Those two fragrances are only available at Perfumery Osswald. I took AZURE CRYSTAL WOMAN with me to Sardegna (for my first vacation post, click here please) and it is a true pleasure to apply it in the evening. It smells so incredibly good that I cannot get enough of it.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands