Rouge Baume

With ten times the amount of active lip-care than a classic lipstick, the latest Dior beauty creation is a makeup revolution, DIOR ROUGE BAUME, a beautiful melding of colour with breakthrough ingredients for intense hydration. The star component here is a rare, natural crystal oil which forms a light, protective film, plumping and rejuvenating for lips that are visibly more nourished.


Natalie Portman is the face of Dior’s new line of lipstick that features the brand’s signature blue lacquered casing with the initials on the cap, the silhouette is leaner here, making ROUGE BAUME highly portable.

Dior Rouge Baume 5

For a rosy glow, you’ll find the highly pigmented, deep care formula in many blushing hues for CHF 51.50 each: 128 Star, 258 Kew Gardens, 288 Bleuette, 468 Spring, 488 Primerose, 538 Boréale, 558 Lili, 568 Rose Rose, 640 Milly, 660 Coquette, 688 Diorette, 730 Fleur d’Automne, 740 Escapade, 758 Lys Rouge, 760 Garden Party, 788 Fleur Bleue, 855 Sweetheart, 910 Park Avenue and 988 Nuit Rose. The highlighted ones are the 4 It-shades of the collection.

LoL, Sandra

Rouge Baume Dior

Photos: © Dior