The reason for my recent trip to Paris with Dior was the launch of the French house’s newest mascara and mono eyeshadow palettes. I am not allowed to show you all the photos yet as some more exciting things will be coming up. But here are some pics that give you an idea how amazing my shoot for the new Dior Iconic campaign was and of course all details concerning the new eye makeup beauty musts that are in stores now.

Dior_iconic 50


The star of the event: DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL
Spectacular volume and curl professional mascara

Born from the meeting between a high-performance “wave-curved” brush and a “K-Polymers” formula that holds a volume-boosting, shape-defining memory, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl lavishly thickens the lashes in an instant, creating a curl that is naturally more eye-catching from one day to the next. The brush is easy to handle, you can really catch even the tiniest lashes in one stroke. The formula is perfect thanks to a trio of oils and waxes that come with some pretty powerful volumising effects. The mascara rinses away easily with lukewarm water or with a makeup remover.

CHF 48.oo
Available in Over Black/ Over Brown and Over Blue





Long-lasting felt-tip eyeliner

With a calligraphic felt-tip applicator and a deep black gel-like formula (that can be rinsed with warm water), you will be able to create the perfect intense and precise line. I am sure that you will love its professional glide and exceptional hold.

CHF 49.00



Wet & dry backstage eyeshadows

Colour is a question of fashion. On fabrics or eyes, it flies in the face of conventions, picks up new moods and dares to be transformed in a variety of combinations. Irresistible with their embossed “logomania” motif, the mono shades set the tone for a resolutely on-fashion gaze, running the full gamut of bold, fun or sophisticated creation.

These highly desirable colours come in two finishes:
– a very light daywear halo, applied with a dry sponge-tip;
– a vibrant, intense, flat colour with spellbinding reflections, when used with a slightly damp sponge-tip.

CHF 47.00




Et voilà, for your eyes only…
The official Dior Iconic photo of my eyes in which I am wearing DIORSHOW ICONIC OVERCURL mascara in Over Black, DIORSHOW MONO eyeshadows in 386 Blue Denim (base) and 453 Spencer (crease & blend). My eyebrows were kept as natural as possible.

Hope that you will like it!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Dior and © Sandra Bauknecht