Chanel The Girl Bag 2015

05_A90685-Y10907-C8016-Multicoloured-tweed-and-black-leather-Girl-bag_LDSuch exciting news I can finally share with you as I had a strict embargo not to post anything before today. Meet THE GIRL CHANEL 2015the new bag you didn’t know you needed. Shaking up the codes, transforming or diverting clothes and accessories from their regular usage with daring and humour, has always been a signature of Karl Lagerfeld at CHANEL.

The new design might remind you of my MOSCHINO JACKET BAG, but on the other side the Moschino version looks a lot like a Chanel jacket, so only fair.

Iconoclastic, the Girl CHANEL bag draws on the lines and codes of the legendary CHANEL jacket and all its elements are present: sleeves, cuffs, braiding, collar, buttons, pockets… In smooth or quilted lambskin, in tweed or loden, in felt or ponyskin, in two-tone or two-fabric tweed, it carries with it its creator’s philosophy and spirit of practicality.

It’s like a jacket, you can knot it and wear it how you want: on the hip, around the neck, on the back, anywhere”, explains Karl Lagerfeld. By making the Girl CHANEL wearable in a multitude of ways, it gives free rein to the needs and desires of every individual, offering ease and freedom of movement.


Crafted according to the traditions of excellence at CHANEL, the Girl CHANEL was born from the symbiosis of two skill sets, that of ready-to-wear and that of leather goods. Inspired by the CHANEL jacket, it effectively uses the same construction techniques: the positioning of buttons – some from the House of Desrues – buttonhole tabs, braiding, the application of pockets, as well as work on the collar and cuffs. Even down to its assembly which, just as with a CHANEL jacket, is done inside out. So many details, all of which make it unique while affirming its status as a truly luxurious accessory.

04_A90685-Y10826-C2417-Two-tone-leather-Girl-bag_LDIn two sizes, the Girl CHANEL comes in a variety of winter colour palettes: smooth black or khaki lambskin leather with a black or beige leather braiding, light or dark grey quilted lambskin leather with a green or grey braiding, iridescent gold or copper ponyskin leather with a black braiding, grey loden with a red and green woven braid, or green felt with a brown leather braid and finally leather surrounding four shades of multi-coloured tweed woven by Lesage.

A true reflection of Karl Lagerfeld’s constantly renewed creativity, the Girl CHANEL bag delivers instant recognition of the quintessence of CHANEL: the union of luxury and fashion. “There are some things that will never go out of fashion: a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a Chanel jacket,” declares Karl Lagerfeld. Inspired by this iconic item, the Girl CHANEL is promised the same posterity. Available in CHANEL boutiques from March 2015.

Get yourselves on the wait lists now! This will be Chanel’s new It-bag!

LoL, Sandra