Ciaté Cuticle Tattoos

Ciatée Cuticle Tattoos

As you know, I was recently in Los Angeles and one spot I always like to visit is Sephora to browse through the latest beauty must-haves. My most inspiring buy comes this time from Ciaté, known for innovative nail trends.

This season, their newest hype are cuticle tattoos, a faux embellishment for the skin around your nail. These super simple transfers make a cute fashion statement and a tattooed look without the needle. They are easily washed away when required. Very important to know: Don’t use any oils to minimize damage to your design.

Ciaté Cuticle Tattoo

The Ciaté Cuticle Tattoos set includes 10 sheets in 5 different designs and it sells for $12 at Sephora.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Ciaté and © Sandra Bauknecht

Dolls House? Not, It’s a Nail Polish House


When you are too old for a dollhouse, you might look for a more grown-up thing, a nail polish one. How about this one from Ciaté?
Including 5 pastel shades („Poppet“, „Doll Face“, „Paper Doll“, „Baby Doll“ and „Sweet Pea“) in mini sizes, it is the cutest little thing that I have seen in a while.

Ciaté Dolls House

Ciaté “Dolls House” Set €20.00 – CHF 25.00
In Germany available at Karstadt. Online at Ciaté or Sephora.

LoL, Sandra

Ciaté Dolls House CollectionPhotos: Courtesy of Ciaté

The Feather Manicure

Ciaté Feather Manicure Cover

When creating new nail polishes (remember the Sequined Manicure), U.K. brand Ciaté, helmed by Charlotte Knight, always surprises us. Imagine my excitement when I got the news about their upcoming launch this September: the FEATHER MANICURE.


Knight took inspiration from the runways when formulating this eye-catching trend, which involves gluing an actual feather on your tips.

Feather Manicure Ciaté

Here’s how it works: Apply two thin coats of the nail polish, followed by a layer of Speed Coat Pro, and lay the feather on your nail before it dries. Seal in the plume with a second top coat and clip any excess feather overhang. One final top coat layer, and you’re done!

The three different kits will be available in September 2013.
In the U.K. and US: Sephora – In Germany: Douglas (Snow Owl- What a hoot) and Karstadt – In Switzerland, Austria and other countries:

LoL, Sandra

CiatÇ_Feathered-Manicure-All A Flutter-CloseAll a Flutter

CiatÇ_What_a_Hoot_CloseWhat a Hoot

CiatÇ_Ruffle_My_Feathers_CloseRuffle my Feathers

Photos: Courtesy of Ciaté

Ciaté Sequined Manicure


Ciaté offers amazing three-dimensional DIY manicures and the newest hit is the British brand’s Sequined Manicure. Just in time for the party season, when sequins are always appropriate if not essential, this nail trend seems just right.

Well… are you ready to try it out for yourself now?


I tried this fabulous mani set that features all the products you need to give your nails a glam-over. As you can see, it works very easily.

The only negative side effect is that the nails are very rough afterwards so that you have to be really careful when putting on your tights or going through your hair. To take it off, you will need a nail polish remover with acetone and plan some time.

Ciaté Sequined Manicure Kits are available in 3 colour blends and retail for £15 each, available for example at Selfridges in the UK or Sephora in the US.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht