Meet Tom Pecheux, the Creative Makeup Director for Estée Lauder. The internationally acclaimed make-up artist was in charge for the Derek Lam S/S 2012 runway beauty looks.


I was invited to go backstage before the show to interview Tom which was just wonderful. His thoughts on makeup
 are so modern, he has an amazing aura.

Tom P and ITom Pecheux with me

The best compliment for the Parisian beauty guru that is loved by celebrities and top photographers all over the world?
To hear someone say “I feel great” and not “this make up is great”.

Enjoy the photos I took backstage and the interview! You will be up-to-date how your makeup should look like for next summer.


What was the inspiration behind your makeup look for the Derek Lam S/S 2012 show?

The inspiration was sort of that modern relaxed archtitecture on the West Coast, California, sunshine, earth – this kind of juxtaposition between both. The juxtaposition between masculine and feminine. If you look at the make-up, you have a very bright yellow which is generally a very feminine colour, but it is in a masculine finish. It is almost matte, a light satin finish, instead of being shimmery. The cheeks are very softly sculpted. Sunkissed, bronzey. I took the pink out of the lips by using a yellow tone which neutralized the pink, so that you get a „not-so-girly“ finish.


When Derek showed me his collection and he told me about his inspiration, I felt immediatly the warmth of the West Coast. When you go to L.A., you see colours that you don’t see anywhere else, the sand is special. So I wanted the yellow to present the warmness that you find in California.


How do you apply it?

It is super easy to apply. First the concealer with the finger. Some loose powder. After we start with the colour to apply. A powerful eyebrow mixed with a little bit of black and brown depending on the skin tone. A brown shimmery shadow just under the brow bones to create a even darker and stronger look. I really want the girl to feel powerful.


The yellow shadow I am using on the eyelid for a nice contrast. It is a colour that many people are afraid off so I took that challenge to make it look good. For the transparent, high-shine pout I just put a sheer, shimmery yellow gloss without a lip liner.


What is your beauty must-have for the next season?

This is hard to say. If you are a makeup artist, you don’t stick to just one thing. But the focus for the S/S 2012 is definitely on the eyebows, you should concentrate on getting them beautifully shaped and defined.


I do love the yellow. I love to find a way to use colour a little bit frightening, to make it work. To make a girl look gorgeous, to show that it is not weird. It is basically challenging myself not to get bored.

Hilary &IEstée Lauder’s spokewoman Hilary Rhoda with me

Do you have a favourite face?

No, not really. I mean I love beautiful women. But what I truly find interesting is to work on women that are not models and to realize how much you can give like for example during Fashion’s Night Out.

Estée Lauder’s slogan is „Every Woman can be beautiful“. Not every woman will look like Constance or Hilary. But every woman in her own world will look gorgeous. It is also not about trying to look like somebody else. It is more about feeling good, happiness and confidence.


In your opinion, should a woman always wear makeup when she leaves the house?

If you feel good, you can leave the house without. I don’t like the rules, I like to break them. Try different things, like an unusual colour. You may like it or you may not but the most important thing is to not get stuck. Enjoy exploring new things and you will feel beautiful and confident.

I couldn’t agree more with Tom! So I am ready for the yellow eyeshadow and you? Unfortunately we will just have to wait until January 2012 to get our hands on Estée Lauder’s limited edition Pure Colour Gloss in Citron Kiss and Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette.

But isn’t anticipation the greatest joy?

LoL, Sandra

Photos:  © Sandra Bauknecht