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The Profashional Business Dress Code


Recently, one of my friends approached me with –what I realized while working on it- a tricky question. She is a very successful business woman and told me that it is really hard to find clothes that are appropriate for work but still have a feminine touch. This is true.

Your goal to getting dressed for work is to project a competent, professional image. Especially being a woman in an executive position, you don’t want to look sexy fashion victim. It is hard enough to stand up to the stronger sex.

Depending on where you work, those dress codes can vary. As for me, being in fashion, there are no rules. Believe me, I have always enjoyed that part.

But for bankers, lawyers or any other more conservative jobs, it is very important that you send the right message. Your fashion choices will speak volumes about your commitment to do your job.

Here are some rules that might help to find the right formal business attire:

I put together some looks that fulfill the business dress codes but still have a certain fashionable twist.

Start shopping and enjoy looking profashional!

LoL, Sandra

The Business Dress COde

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