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Hot off the presses (or rather, email transfers), Mulberry has announced an amazing collaboration with British model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne.

Cara worked closely with the brand’s design team to create a collection of bags. She visited the archives, chose leathers, sketched ideas, talked shop, discussed customers’ practical needs and the trend for understated elegance.

kMulberry_Cara_Delevingne_1_credit Dave Benett

The Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag is a three-in-one style. It can be worn on the back: for running from the gym to the office, from meeting to meeting, from train to plane. It can be worn on the shoulder: to take you from work to dinner or from town to country. It can be hand-held: for maximum elegance at all times or when you need to rise to an occasion.

Whatever it is that you do, this bag will come with you.

Mulberry_Cara_Delevingne_3_credit Morgan O'DonovanMulberry Cara Bag

The new collection features three sizes in three different finishes all made in England at the brand’s Someset ateliers; classic Natural Leather, Quilted Nappa Leather and innovative Camouflage Haircalf with an extra limited edition version inspired by Cara’s lion tattoo.


Made in England is also part of Cara: she has it tattooed on the bottom of her foot. In tribute, the Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection has it stamped on the bottom of each bag.

I love this collection and cannot wait to get my hands on it!

LoL, Sandra

Mulberry_Cara_Delevingne_4_credit Dave Benett

Photos: Courtesy of Mulberry and via Cara Delevingne Instagram