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Dress Your iPhone in Fabulous Style

Moschino iPhone Covers Cover

Your iPhone is something that you might have in your hands extremely often during the day. It’s time to dress it up in a cute way! I couldn’t resist Moschino‘s playful animal-themed cell cases that have a cult fashion following. Molded from soft silicone, those 3D iPhone 5 covers will keep your technology safe from bumps and make also a great gift.

LoL, Sandra

Moschino 3The latest star: Agostino panda iPhone 5 cover icon

Moschino 2

This little cutie even comes with whiskers: Violetta rabbit iPhone 5 cover icon


Moschino 1My favourite: Gennarino bear iPhone 5 cover icon


Moschino 6

Why not team your iPhone with the matching Gennarino bear ear buds?