Do you mint

The moment Chanel models paraded down the Fall 2009 runway with mint green nails, I went finally crazy. It looked so cotton candy, reminding me of a mouth-watering sorbet melting softly. When MAC had launched their Sugarsweet” collection last spring, their shade of green “Peppermint Patti” had been sold out immediately.
The same happend when Chanel`s Jade Nail Collection went on sale on Friday, Sept 11th at the N.Y.C. Fashion`s Night Out. Fashionistas grabbed every bottle they could get, probably as an investment. At ebay the little treasures went for up to $200.- (the retail price was $25.-).

In Europe, Chanel 407 Jade was only available at a few spots like Harvey Nichols in London. Germany or Switzerland did not receive it at all (but the cover model wore this perfect hint of shimmer for the november issue of German Vogue). How crazy is that?
Hollywood`s Eyebrow King Damone Roberts created with OPI his signature shade “Damone Roberts 1968” based on the wall colour in his salons (in Beverly Hills and N.Y.C.) and not surpisingly it was sold out fast.

For those of you that have missed the hype, I have some amazing – for your wallets utterly unique- suggestions to get a trendy green on your nails. Essie created for this winter a beautiful shade called „Mint Candy Apple“ and OPI have „Hey! Get in Lime“ in their brights collection. For the Zurich based readers, Beautyssima at the Rennweg has a wide range of OPI products.

Do you min2

If you think that you would never wear mint green nails, have a look at my way of working it. This outfit would look double-cool with it. But please do not start sucking your thumbs even if they will look so yummy!

LoL, Sandra