Lean Legs and White Teeth

To be honest, this might not be the sexiest post, but on the other side what is sexier than lean legs and a beautiful smile?! Here are two new products that you will surely like, both made with natural ingredients.

White Ginger Contouring Oil by SISLEY
150ml (CHF 168.00)

This amazing oil is the key to smooth and slender legs. Its nourishing formula is enriched with White Ginger and Gingko Biloba that help to drain swollen tissues, as well as Red Algae extract and Gelidium Cartilagineum that promote the dissolving and burning of fat. The addition of Rosemary and Litsea Cubeba essential oils helps to firm and tone your skin. Formulated with hydrating Shea and Macadamia.

Apply morning or evening, from the ankles to the top of the legs and hips according to the specific toning and draining application method:
1. Apply from the arch of the foot, moving up with circular movements around the ankles with your fingertips.
2. Then massage the calf by lightly stroking with one hand after the other, moving up from the ankle towards the knee, then go around the knee, pressing firmly with an upward motion to stimulate draining.
3. Repeat the same action on the thigh, starting at the knee and moving up to the top of the buttock. 
4. Follow with large, firm, circular movements with the palms of both hands, moving up from the knee towards the buttock and hip. Repeat this technique three times on each leg.

Toothpasteicon by AESOP
60ml (CHF 13.00)

Whether it’s part of the global wave of new naturals taking over the beauty realm or fluoride’s classification as a neurotoxin (shocking as it sounds, it is the same category that lead, arsenic, and methylmercury fall into) this year, there’s no denying that natural toothpastes are having a moment.

So let me present you Aesop’s latest launch that has been developed to maintain impeccable oral hygiene. Distinctly flavored, this toothpaste effectively cleans teeth and gums while essential oils of Anise, Spearmint and Clove provide an eclectic taste alternative to traditional selections.

A fluoride-free formulation, it includes soothing Sea Buckthorn to lessen gum aggravation from frequent and vigorous brushing, while Cardamom and Wasabia Japonica help to maintain fresh breath.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands and © Sandra Bauknecht

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist Spring 2014

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist Spring 2014 Cover

Sisley Paris has been launching many amazing new products lately and their new Phyto-Lip Twist shades will be no exception. Giving lips a deep, luscious colour while moisturizing them at the same time, I am amazed how easy the application is and how long they stay on.


It’s up to you how you want to wear them as a one-time application gives a sheer colour while for an intense and opaque coverage you can easily build up the colour. And great news is that you don’t need to sharpen them, just twist the end… I always carry one in my bag.

In Switzerland available in 6 colors (1 Nude, 2 Baby, 3 Peach, 4 Pinky, 5 Berry and 6 Cherry) from February 2014 for CHF 45.00 each.

LoL, Sandra

Sisley-Spring-2014-Phyto-Lip-TwistRangePhotos: Courtesy of Sisley

Tropical Orchid by Sisley Paris

tropical orchid by sisley

To complement the Hawaiian-inspired trend for Resort 2012, Sisley Paris has the perfect make-up look, so-called “Tropical Orchid”.

L’Orchidée (highlighter blush with white lily) – 76 € / 93 CHF
Instant Perfect, 20ml (primer) – 48,50 € / 58.50 CHF
Phyto-Ombres Eclat Ultra Violet N°14, Garden Rose N° 9 und Jungle N°6 (eye shadows) – 33 € / 40 CHF
Golden Touch (cream eyeshadow) – 30 € / 36.50 CHF
Phyto-Lip Shine Sheer Coral N°8 und Sheer Fushia N°14 (lipsticks) – 33 € / 40 CHF

Available in February 2012


The star product of the collection that I can highly recommed is L’Orchidée, a highlighter blush with white lily.


It has a light and silky texture that makes your skin look smooth and radiant. The white lily extract has also a moisturizing effect. Suitable for all skin tones and seasons.

LoL, Sandra

L'OrchidéePhotos: © Sandra Bauknecht