New Hermessence Collection – Oil on Canvas

In 2016, Christine Nagel took over the reigns as the resident nose at Hermès. Breathing new life into the Maison’s fragrance world while living up to the traditional elements and quality the brand is famous for, Nagel seeked inspiration from the orient and its long history of perfumery for the house’s first foray into fragrance oils which are part of the new HERMESSENCE collection.

«I wanted to return to the origins of perfumery and immerse myself in its history. Each of these five creations is an individual expression of a dream of Orient
Christine Nagel

Originally created by Nagel’s predecessor, Jean-Claude Ellena, around six years ago, the ten eaux de toilette – all made of exquisite and unexpected notes – are now joined by three new unisex contributions, that are based on oriental notes such as cedar, agarwood, and myrrh.

For her new concept, Nagel ties to ancient scent applications and suggests layering them with one of the two oils from the collection, both grounded by musk, one laced with cardamom, the other enchanted by iris.

HERMESSENCE Eaux de Toilette
Myrrhe Elegantine – Agar Ebène – Cèdre Sambac
CHF 278.00 (100ml)

Cardamusc – Musc Pallida
CHF 402.00 (20ml)

My personal favorite combination is Cèdre Sambac together with Musc Pallida. Warm, sensual and extremely yummy. Try for yourself – Hermès is about craftsmanship – so now it’s up to you to use your skin as your canvas! Enjoy!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Hermès and © Sandra Bauknecht

Trending S/S 2018: Statement Straw Hats

I have always been obsessed with straw hats, but this season’s large statement versions are truly to die for. Oversized and twisted into a wave at Jacquemus, the beachy style is so much more than your basic Panama hat.

Oversized straw hat «La Bomba» by Jacquemus

Missoni’s S/S 2018 floppy hats fit right along this description – very visible, supersized straw hats that are protecting not only your head but also your back from the sun.

Oversized striped straw hat by Missoni

Woven oversized straw hat by Missoni

Delpozo, fashion’s reigning prince of prêt-à-couture, showed large bow straw hats. Those headpieces on the S/S 2018 runway were huge and stiff, holding their shape perfectly.

Delpozo S/S 2108

This summer, there are many options to find the perfect floppy Sunday straw hat.

Large paper-braid glamour hat by Sensi Studioicon

Gucci really made an impression with interestingly shaped straw hats tied with a ribbon in different shades.

Straw hat with ribbon by Gucci

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands

A Moroccan Palace

The colours are breathtaking, the air is beguiling, and the hubbub in the streets is as exhilarating as it is inviting. Arabian nights, Mediterranean scents, spices and flavors, oasis, couscous, beautiful mosques, men in gabar, sandy dunes – Marrakesh continues to rank among the world’s top travel favourites for good reason. The beautiful fourth largest city in the country is an impressive combination of imperial history with palaces dating back to the 16th century and a contemporary urban lifestyle that offers stylish restaurants, trendy concept stores, and modern hotel resorts.

Me visiting the Schlatters in Marrakesh (for the outfit post, click here please).

In this oasis between the ocean and the Atlas Mountains, Swiss couple Rabia and Daniel Schlatter made a dream come true and built an enchanting palace in one of the most prestigious areas of the metropole along with a gigantic guest house. Last November, my friends spoilt me at their beautiful home and I am so happy to share this interior design heaven with you.

Daniel and Rabia Schlatter in the garden of their Marrakesh home.

The palace itself, that was finished in 2012, measures 3800 m2, set in 30.000 mof land with stunning gardens and a 5-star-hotel-worthy pool surrounding it. Two years ago, the construction of the guest mansion started – another paradise, peacefully situated next to the main house, that offers 2800 mliving space on a 15.000 m2 lot, and that is now finished and also available for rent.

Amazing fabrics – every guest room looks different.

Rabia, who was born and raised in Casablanca, oversaw the creative process herself together with her husband Daniel, who as a young man did an apprenticeship as an architectural draftsman. In Marrakech, where opulence and luxury reign, there is no shortage of beautiful ateliers and home interior stores. But you have to be a local like her to know where to shop.

Love is in the detail –  every corner is beautifully decorated.

Over the years, she had collected magazines and created mood boards for the ateliers she worked with to come up with the most beautiful results possible. Her interior design studies helped her as well. Everything was produced in Morocco, only the fabrics for the curtains are from France and the UK. The brocade is from Syriah. The bedsheets and towels are from local suppliers. For the bathrooms, Rabia used Italian marble.

The seating area in the living room

Her distinguished taste can also be seen in the huge living room with its breathtaking vaulted ceiling and the fireplace as the focal point. An open layout lets you see right into the spacious dining room and seating area.

The stunning pool

Arched doorways allowing the afternoon light to pass beautifully and a gorgeous long pool mirroring the surrounding date palm trees makes entering the garden a «1,001 Nights» experience. But step inside the guest bedrooms to be amazed – king-sized beds, romantic fireplaces, gigantic bathtubs and private gardens are all standard features! A well-equipped gym and a hammam are also there for your pleasure.

The hammam

Built like a sultan’s palace, it’s understandable if guests don’t want to leave the Schlatters. For the wellbeing around 16 people are permanently employed only for the main house, from gardeners to housekeepers, a cook and Bouchra, the gouvernante who is handling everything to 2 guys at the gate and a driver.

Playground for boys

Speaking about cars, the best is yet to come. Daniel Schlatter has an outstanding passion for cars and built his own «Healey» museum on 800m2 in the basement with a bar, a seating area and a gazillion of details that make you feel as if Healey just had left his garage.

Enjoy more photos below… – I will be back soon and cannot wait!

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Reto Gundli

My Look: Seasonless is the New Timeless

I am just going to come right out and say it: striped shirting is probably the most versatile wardrobe trend you’ll ever come across. Being never out of style, stripes can be easily combined as seen here with my new Roksanda shirt and pieces from previous seasons. In fashion seasonless is the new timeless

My look: Shearling vest and riding boots, both by Gucciicon, Frida ruffle-trimmed striped cotton-poplin blouse by Roksanda, drawstring shorts by Givenchy, shearling bag by Saint Laurent, cuff by Céline, T Wire Narrow 18-karat rose gold bracelet by Tiffany & Co, Tonda 1950 Galaxy by Parmigiani Fleurier, and Mitza ring by Dior Haute Joaillerie.

By the way, after the Polyvore disaster this week, this is my first collage done with Photoshop. It took much longer and doesn’t look as fancy as it used to but I am getting there. At the moment, I cannot get over the fact that all my data is lost, all my outfit pictures and much more. Nobody is responding to the broken link to get it. But I am not giving up and am ready to kick some…. . Can you imagine that I had around 50 posts prepared – all of which are gone! So mad and disappointed.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Polyvore – An Unprofessional Take-Over

This post is a very sad one for me… and actually I am absolutely outrageous! Many of you always commented of the collages I do to highlight my different blog articles, especially for my outfit posts I have loved doing them. They kind of make my blog look different from others. The platform I used for it was POLYVORE, an online community where you could create fashion, art and interior mood boards in a very fun way, so much easier than Photoshop. I had visited the team many years ago in the San Francisco area and was amazed by their innovative team spirit. Actually, POLYVORE made me start my blog. I joined the site around 11 years ago and was immediately hooked by it. You could share your fashion sense and even enter several contests. After having won one with Marc Jacobs where I got a handbag, I thought that those collages would be the perfect way to create my blog in a very illustrative way and I started Sandra’s Closet in November 2009. Even my mum got hooked, she became very successful with art sets and was so happy to communicate with different members around the globe.

My first post from November 23, 2009 started with a Polyvore set.

Last Thursday evening, I was in bed working on my newest outfit post. During the past days, I didn’t have a lot of time due to my daughter’s birthday and the whole family visiting that I was happy to finally being back to blogging. Creating those mood boards on POLYVORE was one of the most relaxing activities for me, you could say, I was addicted and it was actually the most fun part of Sandra’s Closet for me. I also used it to organize all my outfits. All my clothes and accessories were arranged in different folders with years and comments. Sometimes, I would pack my suitcase by putting outfits together virtually on POLYVORE.

I modeled in the Polyvore Live Runway Show presented by Covergirl during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC in 2012.

But what happened that I am writing this… While I was in bed, the site started to crash. I thought it had a bug as this had happened before and messaged my mum if she was experiencing the same troubles which she confirmed. So I shut down my computer and went to sleep. The next morning, the site was gone. I started googling and actually almost fainted reading the news. POLYVORE got sold and its new owner Ssense shut down the site and its mood boards with no notice. Ssense, a luxury e-commerce company, said it had acquired the digital fashion database and search engine from Verizon subsidiary Oath Inc., and immediately began rerouting POLYVORE visitors to its homepage. All the work of 11 years gone. You will be wondering to find now some white spaces in older blog posts where the pictures were linked directly to POLYVORE and what makes me even more furious those empty pictures lead now to Ssense. They are using my traffic without my permission! This has to be against the law! Moreover, I am not the only one feeling betrayed. It is so unprofessional to just shut down the community without any warning. I am absolutely convinced that many members would have paid a monthly fee as a subscription model to stay on the site and to make it profitabel. On the POLYVORE blog, a post was released where the company said «we’re excited to share our directional collection of the most coveted labels in the worldIt also shared directions for Polyvore users to download their content and messages, with a deadline of May 10 which doesn’t work at all. It just shows a white page. I will fight to get my personal data and mood boards back which Ssense stole it from me. Members of the site, the so-called Polyfam (Polyvore family), responded with a gazillion of tweets decrying the move, as well as several online petitions asking Montreal-based Ssense to reverse its decision #BringBackPolyvore.

Together with Polyvore I hosted the More Than a Feeling with Swarovski Contest.

Shutting down POLYVORE without a warning is one of the most unprofessional moves I have experienced in my working career. There was no forewarning at all, and no consultation of it’s users, giving them time to exchange contacts and to get their data or even delete it. I think what they have forgotten was who made POLYVORE happen on a daily base – it was us, the users, and Ssense should really think about starting their new venture not with this bad energy. Karma is a bitch – good luck!

And I am working on my Photoshop skills in the meantime…

LoL, Sandra

Collages: © Sandra Bauknecht, via Polyvore

The Organic Pharmacy

«Give yourself a break.
Give yourself time.
Give yourself love.
Make YOU a priority.»
Margo Marrone, Founder of The Organic Pharmacy

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet Margo Marrone, founder of THE ORGANIC PHARMACY, for the opening of the brand’s first spa in Switzerland at MARIONNAUD‘s Bahnhofstrasse shop in Zurich. Margo and I have clicked in a second. She is such an inspirational, passionate lady who’s story reads like a book, a real business woman with a heart of gold.

Her story begins over 27 years ago as a Saturday girl in her local pharmacy. Fascinated by the rows and rows of amber bottles, she watched person after person come in asking the pharmacist for help on their various ailments and was enthralled as he expertly blended from the amber bottles lining those shelves.

Later, she decided to study pharmacy and six years later she embarked on her career as a pharmacist specialising in herbal medicine, nutrition and well being with a focus on natural and alternate medicine. It wasn’t until several years later that she discovered homeopathy, a form of medicine that completely changed her life and that of her family.

Being shocked at the level of toxins in our food and cosmetics, which she became aware of whilst studying homeopathy, she truly understood what organic means and decided to use her herbal, homeopathic and pharmaceutical knowledge to create a shopping haven free from chemicals found in other stores. She took the idea to her husband Franco whose design skills and vision turned THE ORGANIC PHARMACY into a modern day health and beauty centre. The first store opened in 2002 in London on Kings Road. Today they have shops and distribution all over the world.

THE ORGANIC PHARMARCY skin care is based on homeopathic and herbal medicine with the principles that the quality of the ingredients and the purity of the formulation is paramount as well as the dosage. One of the things that makes them different is the science that the couple put into their formulations, with their own factory in London, they oversee the careful preparation and manufacture of the products, from start to finish. The high tech natural extracts, the pharmaceutical grade ingredients and their dosage in their products at levels that really count means serious results for healthy glowing skin.

Margo took the experience one step further by extending her offering to high quality supplements and spa treatments for her customer’s health and beauty needs. The touch of a fantastic therapist, the advice of a homeopath who knows you well – she is convinced that it all helps to live a balanced healthy life. Managing stress, cleansing our bodies, feeding our cells essential nutrients are key to a healthy anti-ageing lifestyle.

Maria, therapist at THE ORGANIC  PHARMACY Beauty Spa in Zurich has magic fingers! During the press conference she gave us a great insight about the different treatments available. Thank you to Katrin Roth of Sonrisa for being such a great model!

I had the pleasure to experience the ROSE DIAMOND FACIAL in Zurich at THE ORGANIC PHARMACY SPA with the most amazing therapist, Maria (sorry, I was so relaxed that I forgot to take a photo of me before and after). The brand’s most luxurious facial truly restores, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin with the power of diam

«The treatment that irons your wrinkles away…» – the Radio Frequency Facial…

… that therapist Maria only performed to Katrin’s right side left a spectacular result. Especially the fine lines under her right eye are almost gone.

All aesthetic facials combine the very latest technologies (including the most advanced tools to let the products penetrate the skin easier and deeper) with organic cosmeceuticals to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne and pigmentation for a healthier, plumper, firmer and more radiant skin.

My favorite products that I can only recommend to you are the following:
Honey & Jasmine Mask – a rich, deeply moisturising and nourishing mask.
Carrot Butter Cleanser – a balm cleanser that melts on contact with the skin.
Superantioxidant Capsules – a potent all-in-one anti-ageing antioxidant mixture, protecting the cells and system from the inside.

I love Margo’s approach to beauty from the inside and outside!

LoL, Sandra

 Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Must: Louis Vuitton’s Futuristic Sneakers

The ugly sneaker trend is everywhere right now, and available at all price points. And now it looks like it’s even more trending as one of the world’s most influential fashion designers, Nicolas Ghesquière, put a ton of futuristic runners on his S/S 2018 runway for Louis Vuitton. Consider the so-called LV Archlight Sneakers one of high-fashion’s biggest style musts this season.

I love this model: LV Archlight Sneakers

V.N.R. Sneaker – available in four colours

For men, this month, the V.N.R. (Vuitton New Runner), a full knit sneaker, is launching in four new colour ways, combining classic, elegant design and the House’s signatures with ultimate technical innovation.

V.N.R. Sneaker in blue

Twelve months of meticulous research and development have led to a shoe that is light and flexible. In total, each pair of shoes requires three hours to be assembled with keen attention to detail. Now in stores.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Patrick Starrr x MAC New Floral Realness

Beauty guru PATRICK STARRR brings his inspiring «makeup is a one-size-fits-all» philosophy to life through his new collection at M·A·C! The beauty star makes waves with these mesmerizing new floral-inspired essentials to make everyone and anyone easily feel their best! This collection is all you need for fresh-picked, vibrant springtime looks.

Hey, Boy, Hey! Lipstick: dirty pinkish plum (retro matte)
Queen P Lipglass:neon pink with blue pearl
Eye Shadow x 4 / Play with Me: In Living Pink pinky coral with gold shimmer (frost)
Hickie: bright pink with shimmer (frost)
All’s Rosy: dirty mid-tone pink (matte)
In the Shadows: vibrant dark blue with shimmer (frost)
Powder Blush Duo / Take Me Home: Mocha Rev soft coral pink (satin)
Stubborn Rev: muted pink plum (matte)
*SRP 89.00 CHF

Sweet Mamastarrr Lipstick: mid-tone neutral pink (amplified)
Mamastarrr Kiss Lipglass: sheer nude with pearl
Eye Shadow x 4 / Stay with Me: Daddystarrr muted baby pink with pearl (matte)
Yesss: mid-tone dusty violet (VLXP)
Queen Patrick: bright purple (frost)
Bon Nuit: black purple (matte)
Powder Blush Duo/ I’m Not Blushing: Peaches Rev pure peach (satin)
Gingerly Rev Capri: bronze (matte)
*SRP 89.00 CHF

Limited Edition, available exclusively May 2018 at M∙A∙C Manor Geneva, M∙A∙C Manor Zurich and at

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

The Ultimate Do-Over, Mascara Resurrection

The hardest part about touching up your makeup before a night out? Not being able to reapply your mascara. Until now. The ultimate do-over, URBAN DECAY‘s MASCARA RESURRECTION brings your mascara back to life so you can keep piling it on. Like a killer lash comb in liquid form, this clear refreshing serum combs through lashes to soften mascara and get your lashes ready for another coat. And the curved fiber brush really grabs onto lashes and separates them. There’s NOTHING else like it!

Want to top off your mascara later in the day? A quick coat of this serum makes lashes pliable and ready for more. If you botched your mascara or didn’t pull it through well, simply comb Mascara Resurrection through your lashes to refresh, then reapply mascara.

This lightweight, oil-free formula contains a special blend of ingredients to moisturize lashes while helping with mascara wear. Copper powder and panthenol condition and bind moisture to the hair shaft, improving lash health while giving your mascara new life.

I am one of those beauty junkies who does her make-up only once a day and just adds some touch-ups in the evening. This product is my saviour – I am sure that you will like it as much as I do and thank me forever! Available here for CHF 25.90.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Urban Decay

Trending: Green Stirrups and Track Pants

With the athleisure trend dominating off-duty style, I am always looking for ways to rock the sporty gear for work, too. Track pants are officially one of the biggest fashion hypes of the moment, with many designers willing to take them from the gym to the streets. I opted for green stirrup trousers since it’s unapologetically one of the most eye-catching colors.

1 Striped silk crepe de chine track pants by Fendi
icon2 Striped satin-jersey track pants by Palm Angels
iconLogo-print cotton track pants by MSGM
4 Contrast-piping jersey track pants by REDValentinoicon
5 Striped tech-jersey stirrup leggings by Gucci
iconFuseau stirrup trousers by Balenciaga (the ones I couldn’t resist)

Enjoy your Easter weekend!

LoL, Sandra

Also trending on the Valentino Resort 2018 runway.

Photos: Courtesy of the Brands, Nasty Gal