Dinner with Frédéric Malle


Lately, I was invited by Perfumery Osswald in Zurich and had the amazing honor to have dinner with Frédéric Malle, a very captivating and inspirational gentleman, a father of four, and the man behind the niche fragrance house Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle. Born in 1962, he grew up immersed in the world of perfumery (his grandfather Serge Heftler-Louiche founded Christian Dior Perfumes, and Frédéric’s mother later worked as an Art Director for the same perfume house) and has a deep knowledge of raw materials, fragrance structure and accords that he shared with me that night. His ‘Editions’ collection includes scents by distinguished noses including Dominique Ropion, Jean-Claude Ellena and Pierre Bourdon.

IMG_0198With Frédéric Malle at dinner at the Widder hotel.

Malle studied art history and economics at New York University. In 1988, he began his career at Roure Bertrand Dupont, the prestigious perfume laboratory. After working in the industry for more than 12 years, Frederic was ready to embark on a new adventure.

Frederic_Malle_20004 of his first launched perfumes in 2000: Lipstick Rose (Ralf Schwieger), Musc Ravager (Maurice Roucel), En Passant (Olivia Giacobetti) and Une Fleur de Cassie (Dominique Ropion).

In 2000, using his connections and experience in the industry, Frédéric invited nine top perfumers to design their own original perfumes with no restrictions, not even financially regarding their ingredients they chose. Thanks to Frédéric Malle, the return to luxury perfumery took place at the beginning of our century. In an era in which most companies put more importance on brand names, Malle brought the attention back to the product itself: perfume.

Until today, through a simple “back to basics” approach, Editions de Parfums is challenging all prevailing trends. Frédéric Malle’s contribution to the creation of the different fragrances sold under Editions de Parfums varies depending on the perfumers’ desire. Perfumers appeal to him to assess their work in progress and to share ideas.


These fragrances are packaged in bottles that feature the name of the perfumer—a first in the industry, where the perfumer is traditionally behind the scenes and credit for the scent is given to the fashion house or celebrity on the bottle. While we were talking during dinner, I could sense that Frédéric Malle is very fond of Dominique Ropion‘s work. The two of them seem to build an amazing team.


The development of a signature scent is a lengthy process, generally lasting between 6 and 18 months. Each fragrance starts with an idea, an “olfactive sketch,” which can either take the form of a material base – the mix of two or three raw materials, like colors in an abstract painting – or of an initial feeling, the desire to translate or convey a specific emotion. From there, the perfumers gradually build a full-scale composition, tinkering and problem-solving until a perfect balance is achieved. The challenge is to polish and perfect without losing the impact and personality of the original idea.

Eliminate all that is superfluous or merely decorative” – this, Frédéric Malle’s credo, is the only rule imposed on the house perfumers. Malle requests that each fragrance be designed to uniquely merge with the wearer’s skin rather than to just be a “pretty scent.”


Designer Frédéric Malle has more than 25 perfumes available at the moment, made in collaboration with perfumers Jean-Claude Ellena, Dominique Ropion, Maurice Roucel, Bruno Jovanovic, Carlos Benaim, Olivia Giacobetti, Pierre Bourdon, Edmond Roudnitska, Ralf Schwieger, Edouard Flechier, Michel Roudnitska and Sophia Grojsman.

Frederic-Malle_Downstairs-finalNew investments under the new helmet: Frédéric Malle’s London store at 14, Burlington Arcade.

Two years ago, The Estée Lauder Companies acquired Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle.

Frédéric Malle said about his decision to sell part of his company: “The Estée Lauder Companies has great respect for the art of perfumery and for the creativity, dedication and mastery required to create truly exceptional fragrance experiences. The company’s commitment to a high standard of excellence and ability to support the growth of entrepreneurial concepts in a way that preserves all that is unique and special makes The Estée Lauder Companies the ideal partner for us.

A truly inspirational creator and a real business man!

In Switzerland a large selection is available at Perfumery Osswald in Zurich.

LoL, Sandra


Photos: Courtesy of Frédéric Malle and © Sandra Bauknecht, via Mr Porter

Best Sun Products: Lancôme Soleil Bronzer


Protecting your skin from the sun is essential but finding the right products can be tough. I like to use the highest protection possible, but don’t want to have a white veil all over my body.
Last time, I was in the Caribbean I took four products from the LANCÔME SOLEIL BRONZER line with me and they have all absolutely convinced me! They truly help you to achieve a beautiful and healthy tan.

Here is a brief summary of each of them:

lancome sun protection soleil bronzer

SOLEIL BRONZER Smoothing Protective Milk-Mist
Luminous and Even Tan
SPF 30 – High Protection UVA-UVB – Body – CHF 54.00
All Skin Types (even sensitive) with Argan, Monoï and Musk Rose Oils

Immediately thanks to the performance of its lightweight melting and delicately perfumed formula, skin is enveloped with a protective film. Water-resistant. The precious oil trilogy prevents skin from premature aging.

SOLEIL BRONZER Smoothing and Refreshing Protective Cream
Luminous and Even Tan
SPF 50 – High Protection UVA-UVB – Face – CHF 47.00
(Available as Sun BB Cream which is lightly tinted – I love!)

Lightweight, non-sticky water-resistant formula boasting a dry-touch finish. The skin is optimally nourished, smoothed and protected.

lancome soleil bronzer spf50

SOLEIL BRONZER Smoothing Protective Mist
Luminous and Even Tan
SPF 50 – High Protection UVA-UVB – Body – CHF 53.00
All Skin Types (even sensitive)

It is the best SPF 50 sun protection I have ever used! Its water-resistant formula can be applied so easily due to its ultra-fine mist, leaving the skin smoothed, refreshed and instantly protected. After its application, your skin already reveals a mysterious radiant glow, an exceptional light.

LoL, Sandra

SOLEIL BRONZER Smoothing Protective Mist

Photos: © Sandra Bauknecht

Happy Gelato Cream for Hands by Clinique


A delightfully idea for Valentine’s Day comes from Clinique. Do you know this feeling when your hands smell so yummy because of a delicious hand cream that you would like to sniff them all the time… This fast-absorbing cream strengthens skin’s moisture barrier, so hands look and feel smoother, while skin is lightly fragranced.

Available in three different versions for CHF 20.00 (30ml):
Sugared Petals: a floral bouquet featuring bergamotte, orange blossom, rose petals and musk
Berry Blush: like a fruit basket containing raspberry, mandarine, freesia and soft woods
Happy: Clinique’s iconic Happy scent

iconLoL, Sandra


Photo: © Sandra Bauknecht

M∙A∙C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour 2017


For those who prefer timeless glamour to all-out flash, matte reigns supreme. The M∙A∙C innovation on this classic texture is back with 12 new saturated shades of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour (for the previous post click here please) in on-trend muted and deep tones. Each promise one thing: A big splash of color in a liquid-suede-finish that’s impossible to forget.

RETRO MATTE_CMYK_Ambient_300dpi

Carnivorous – blackened red
Young Attitude – blackened teal
Dash O’Spice – yellow beige
Ess-Presso – deepened chocolate brown
Simply Smoke – brown taupe
Stone – greyed neutral brown
Cafe Au Chic – greyed beige
Burnt Spice – creamy dirty rose
So Me – greyed plum
Topped With Brandy – deep dirty rose
Uniformly Fabulous – blackened grape
Chocotease – warm chocolate brown

In stores now for CHF 32.00 each at all M∙A∙C locations, M∙A∙C stores and online.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of M∙A∙C Cosmetics

Tom Ford Soleil Color Collection


Right in time before I left for the States and the Caribbean, I received this gorgeous box below by TOM FORD filled with the newest products from his SOLEIL COLOR COLLECTION, a curated resort line of cosmetics and skincare inspired by remote private islands where summer lasts all year long.


Shimmering metallic lip formulas, sensuous eye and cheek palettes, impart radiance while a lightweight sunscreen and dry body oil provide protection and nourishment for endlessly luminous summer skin.

Tom-Ford-Holiday-2016-Soleil-Eye-Cheek-Palette-Cool Tom-Ford-Holiday-2016-Soleil-Eye-Cheek-Palette-Warm

Create an array of luxurious makeup looks with the ultimate Tom Ford Soleil accessory. Housed in a reflective ivory-and-gold-colored clutch, the eye and cheek palette contains vibrant color combinations of illuminating shades consisting of four eye shadows, a highlighter, and a blush to create two sensuous results.
Available in Cool (1st picture) and Warm (2nd picture)

Tom-Ford-Holiday-2016-Soleil-Lip-Foil-1 Tom-Ford-Holiday-2016-Soleil-Lip-Foil

A reflective, mirror-foil finish lip color comprised of three-dimensional ultra-fine mica. Available in a range of six, stunning shimmering shades to flatter all skin tones from bronzy neutrals and peachy pinks to plum.
Available in Private Life, Spanish Flame, Aperture, Crème Conque, Venus Rising and Seadragon.

Tom-Ford-Holiday-2016-Soleil-BlancSOLEIL BLANC DRY OIL SPRAYicon – CHF 85.00
The first-ever Tom Ford dry oil spray veils the body in a nourishing mist with Sweet Almond Oil that quickly absorbs into the skin. Infused with the sensual Soleil Blanc fragrance, it’s solar floral amber scent exudes seductive refinement and refreshing decadence for a luxurious yet lightweight application that easily dispenses from any angle.


icon The essential base for maintaining healthy-looking summer skin year-round, this broad spectrum SPF 50 skin protector is the first defense against harmful effects of the sun. Fortified with powerful antioxidants and soothing anti-irritants, the lightweight and fast-absorbing formula primes and calms the look of skin for effortless makeup application. Wear it alone or under foundation.


My daily addiction at the beach: SOLEIL LIP FOILicon in Aperture and Private Life along with the SOLEIL EYE AND CHEEK PALETTEicon in Cold.

In Switzerland available now at Jelmoli in Zurich and Globus in Geneva.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Tom Ford and © Sandra Bauknecht

New Limited Beauty Must-Haves by Chanel


Good news for all beauty lovers in Switzerland. CHANEL launches two limited edition beauty products that are exclusively available in the the House’s freshly opened beauty heaven in Geneva.

PHONE +41 22 316 11 70

Originally launched in Kyoto for the holiday season, those two products are truly collector’s pieces.


Inspired by the precious materials and exquisite craftsmanship that goes into each Chanel jacket, this new limited edition eye palette is a must-have for all beauty lovers. With the craftsmanship of a goldsmith, the OMBRES LAMÉES DE CHANEL eye palette features a harmony of four eyeshadow shades (light brown, medium brown, dark brown and gold). The embossed patterns form a raised surface of precious fabrics, strewn with golden pearly particles.

Ombres Lamées de CHANEL CHF 130.-
(Also available at Jelmoli in Zurich).


An exclusive blush harmony inspired by the autumn leaves of Japan, LUMIÈRES DE KYOTO reveals three tones to highlight, enhance and boost radiance for a luminous look. Accompanied by a half-moon brush for easy, optimal application.

Lumière de Kyoto CHF 82.-

LoL, Sandra

Photos: © Chanel

All-Consuming Skincare

BB Remedies

Beauty mogul Bobbi Brown might have just left her eponymous company but that does not minimize the quality of the brand’s products. Newly launched BOBBI BROWN REMEDIES are six complexion-boosters mixing the powers of superfoods with natural skincare ingredients. Some, such as algae, are well-known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but it’s the first time you might have seen brussels sprouts included in a skin serum. Each «potion» homes in on a specific ailment – from irritation to dullness – for instant relief and long-term improvement.


From top to bottom:

Acts as a “skin bandage,” enhancing skin’s own protective barrier and supporting its natural restorative process.

A powerful yet non-stripping treatment that helps balance oil levels and increase cell turnover to unclog and clarify pores.

An intensive solution formulated with powerful skin calmers that instantly helps quiet reactivity and keeps irritation at bay.

Rebuilds and strengthens skin’s structure, making it more resilient and better equipped to fend off future damage.

A concentrated infusion of moisture, featuring a Hyaluronic Acid Complex that pulls moisture into the skin and supports skin’s natural moisturizing factor.

This supercharged, antioxidant-rich ferment energizes skin with essential nutrients.

In Switzerland available now for CHF 58.00 each.

LoL, Sandra

Photos: Courtesy of Bobbi Brown

Him/Her Lipcare by Giorgio Armany Beauty


Every thought of sharing your lip balm with your boyfriend? Now, it is the time! Giorgio Armani launches HIM/HER LIPCARE, a moisturizing and nourishing lip balm that is sure to appeal to women and men alike with a “My lips but better” result.


Available in several shades, it slips into a pocket or a bag for easy travel and can be applied in one quick and easy stroke anywhere, at any time. While the result is always natural, it can be custom-applied for an added touch of seduction.


The range comes in six soft and natural shades, including the N°1 clear.
Shades N°2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 blend with the natural colour of the lips to suit individual skin tones.


Men can thus choose a shade to match their skin tone for a natural effect, or opt for a neutral balm like the N°1 clear.

Both men and women will appreciate its nourishing and restorative action when applied in several coats as a night treatment. Available now for CHF 45.00.

LoL, Sandra


Photos: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty

MAC Lip Scrubtious


Pucker up to totally smooth lips with MAC LIP SCRUBTIOUS. This new sugar-based exfoliator gentle buffs away dry and flaky skin with a formula enhanced by hydrating and nourishing conditioners leaving lips soft and oh-so-smoochable.


Sweet Vanilla – Candied Nectar – Fruit of Passion – Summer Berry – Sweet Brown Sugar

Available in Switzerland for CHF 20.00 from March 2017.

LoL, Sandra


Photos: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

OPI Fiji S/S 2017 Collection


Time to get your nails travel-ready – we are going to Fiji this season with OPI‘s new collection of 12 amazing shades, available in three different versions: as Nail Lacquer (CHF 19.90), as Infinite Shine (CHF 24.90) and as GelColor!


OPI Fiji S/S 2017 Collection

Two-timing the Zones – vibrant pink
Living On the Bula-vard! – punchy red
Gettig Nadi On My Honeymoon – hibiscus pink
Polly Want a Lacquer? – lavender
Do You Sea What I Sea? – shimmering ocean blue
Is That a Spear In Your Pocket? – tropical teal
I Can Never Hut Up – iridescent gray
Super Trop-I-Cal-I-Fiji-istic – reflection of sea and sky
Suzi Without a Paddle – cool blue
Coconuts Over – subtle taupe
No Tan Lines – warm sunrise orange
Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet – radiant yellow



The new collection will hit the shelves in Switzerland on February 8, 2017.

LoL, Sandra


Photos: Courtesy of OPI